Business Contract Hire & Car Leasing in London

With a team of dedicated account managers specifically covering business contract hire and car leasing in London, the Toomey Leasing Group Account Managers are here to ensure that your vehicle fleet is managed professionally, saving you hassle and most importantly money due to their flexible approach and superior levels of support.

Meet Chris

Chris KirbyHaving worked in financial services for 24 years, Chris works with the Toomey team in Basildon. He covers the London East area and works tirelessly with local business to help them to better manage their fleet.

Chris is expert in providing flexible business contract hire and leasing options to businesses in his area, and regularly receives testimonials from satisfied clients.

Meet Alex

Alex BarnetsonAlex is a recent addition to the Toomey team but is no stranger to the financial services industry.

Alex has worked in all areas of financial services based businesses and understands the importance of giving customers a tailored solution – something that is especially true with SMEs in the West London area (which he covers), where there are generally higher overheads than the rest of London (and the rest of the country for that matter!).

Meet Dave

Dave AppleyardDave has experience of helping both SMEs and larger businesses to manage their vehicle fleets in and around the London area. Having worked in the motor trade industry for 16 years, he knows the challenges that managing multiple vehicles can entail.

Dave covers the North London area and has strong relationships with all his clients due to his friendly and professional attitude. It’s also worth mentioning that Dave is a keen follower of the local comedy scene so expect a joke or two when you meet him!

Contract Hire and Business Car Leasing in London

Toomey’s business car leasing services in the London area focus on providing business contract hire packages for SMEs which are fully maintained.

We also offer fleet management packages (on a cost re-charge basis), but for ultimate peace of mind, when it comes to business car hire and leasing our fully maintained packages mean that all you need to worry about is insuring the vehicle – we pay all of the mechanical costs associated with keeping your vehicles on the road; even the cost of new tyres when needed!

Account Management – The Toomey Leasing Way

We pride ourselves on our approach to fleet management which focuses on minimal hassle for you by offering a one-stop approach to all your business contract hire needs. This includes Daily Rental, Mileage Logging and Employee Car Ownership Schemes and all of the other great services, extras and support that you receive from being a valued Toomey customer.

Our car leasing business has been built on transparency and strong relationships with our customers. Under your expert London based Account Manager, we intend to grow our business in the London area to support you with all of your vehicle leasing and contract hire requirements.

If you’re looking for business contract hire & car leasing in London, get in touch today on 01332 205828 for free advice and a free quotation.  You’ll be surprised how much money and effort we can save you!