FAQ / Blended Fleet Solutions

What does blended fleet mean?

What does blended fleet mean?  Most experts agree that with the varying nature of job functions and responsibilities within an organisation, the potential savings that can be made by operating a ‘blended fleet’ can bring considerable benefits in terms of overall cost and employee satisfaction.

A blended fleet solution can solve many common problems such as:

  •  Reallocations
  •  Increasing Company Car Tax (CCT) issues
  •  Tax regime changes
  •  Expanding car list
  •  Weak manufacturer terms
  •  Early termination costs
  •  Employee resistance to car policy
  •  Administration
  •  Cash allowance management
  •  Carbon emissions controls and reporting

Our online platform enables employees to make an informed choice between company cars, ECO scheme cars or cash allowance, depending on individual circumstances. It is also subject to both pre-set and dynamic filters for effective cost controls which are all managed seamlessly, in one integrated environment.

Toomey is expert in providing blended fleet solutions to a wide range of businesses in a variety of sectors. Give us a call on 0800 091 4252 and we will help you to find the most suitable combination of funding options for your business.