FAQ / Blended Fleet Solutions

What type of fleets does Blended Fleet Solutions work for?

What type of fleets does Blended Fleet Solutions work for?  Put simply, this kind of fleet works best in situations where there are a number of employees with different job functions and responsibilities .  Being flexible and creating tailored vehicle fleet solutions is what makes Toomey unique. We are therefore the ideal business contract hire company to help you to better manage your vehicle fleet.

How do I know if this would be right for me?

If you have a mixture of mileage profiles in your fleet, then a single solution of company cars, Employee Car Ownership (ECO) or cash allowance will most likely cost you more than a managed blended solution, without providing the equivalent value to employees. Therefore, we would advise giving one of our experienced Account Managers a call to discuss your requirements in detail on 0800 091 4252.

How do I manage a blended fleet?

You don’t have to because Toomey Leasing Group will do it for you! We will analyse the cost of ownership of a car, using a Whole Life Cost (WLC) analysis and we will work out the best solution for every vehicle within your fleet, giving you time, cost and efficiency savings from the moment you agree to work with us.

Call us on 0800 091 4252 to discuss your requirements in more detail and let us do the hard work for you! .