FAQ / Employee Car Ownership Schemes

I have heard ECO is very complicated, with lots of administration required

It requires careful consideration as to whether an Employee Car Ownership (ECO) scheme is right for your particular business circumstances.  There are some administration considerations when it comes to ECO including the fact that HMRC have to approve each scheme; monitoring business mileage is critical; administration can be complex and vehicles cannot be reallocated.

We offer fleet management and maintenance under this kind of contract and we would generally advise that your business utilise these services in order to ensure that your administration costs are kept to a minimum. This will also assist you with covering vehicle upkeep costs and helping your business to comply with health and safety regulations.

We fully manage and administer an ECO Scheme on your behalf, keeping the company involvement to an absolute minimum

We have a team of dedicated experts who will help you to determine whether an ECO scheme is suitable for your particular circumstances. If it is, we will also guide you or your fleet manager through the implementation process. Give us a call on 0800 091 4252 to discuss your options and to determine if ECO is the right option for your business.