FAQ / Vehicle Fleet Management

How could vehicle fleet outsourcing help me run my fleet?

An effective vehicle fleet outsourcing strategy is important as it defines your organisation’s approach to securing vehicles and suppliers that are fit for purpose. Defining a strategy, understanding the Whole Life Cost (WLC) of each vehicle and identifying ways of saving money using economies of scale, are all areas in which an external provider can excel, and more importantly, provide an objective analysis.

From dealing with legal regulations and safety issues to driver and vehicle management, the sheer number of responsibilities can often feel overwhelming. Additionally, with the added pressure to reduce costs and maximise efficiency, maintaining a fleet of vehicles is an increasingly difficult task which in many instances, would be better handled by an expert.

Whether an outsourced fleet management provider works autonomously, or in conjunction with an in-house fleet management team, they should be able to identify areas in which money and time can be saved, which will ultimately affect your business’s bottom line in a positive way. It will also enable you to focus on your core business activities.

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