FAQ / Vehicle Fleet Management

How much money could it save your business?

How much could Fleet Management save your business? There are a number of areas in which outsourced fleet management could help your business. Firstly, you can expect to see reduced operating costs. By outsourcing purchasing to an industry specialist such as Toomey, you could make significant savings due to our specialist suppliers with whom we have long standing relationships. It may also lead to fewer in-house staff being required, as many of the back-office tasks will be managed on your behalf.

The new level of efficiency you achieve will depend on the current systems you have in place, but outsourcing key responsibilities to an external provider has the potential to dramatically increase efficiency and provide you with enhanced service and satisfaction. Fleet scheduling, parts availability, ongoing repairs and other aspects of maintenance can often stretch in-house resources to uncontrollable levels. In these instances, the service and customer satisfaction that your business provides can often suffer. By outsourcing, you can guarantee certain levels of service to your customers in accordance with quality assurance processes and industry defined standards.

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