FAQ / Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

What Type of Wheelchair Accessible vehicles are there?

What Type of Wheelchair Accessible vehicles are there? There are 3 main types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle  (WAV) – small, medium and large.


  • Most small WAVs are designed to accommodate up to four people. This includes the wheelchair user.
  • These WAVs normally have a ramp rather than a lift which enables access.
  • Small WAVs usually have a lowered floor to give more headroom inside the vehicle and reduce the angle of the ramp which makes it easier to get in and out.


  • A medium WAV is more suitable for a larger wheelchair or for carrying lots of equipment.
  • They accommodate between five and seven people including the wheelchair user.
  • Most will have a ramp as with small WAVs, but there are some that are available with a lift instead.


  • Large WAVs are a good option if you regularly travel with lots of passengers.
  • They are suitable for large or heavy wheelchairs or if you carry lots of equipment.
  • Large WAVs are normally fitted with a lift to make entry easier.

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