FAQ / Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

What is a Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle?

What is a Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle?   Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are specially designed vehicles that are converted so that the user of a wheelchair can travel either as a passenger or a driver without needing to get out of their wheelchair. The size, shape and design of WAVs will vary depending on the type of vehicle that is used

There are small, medium and large WAVs available with varying features and specifications. Typically, a conversion will include a combination of a ramp or tail lift, steps, belts, tracking and auxiliary electrics, as well as a lowered floor to give more headroom inside the vehicle and reduce the angle of the ramp, making it easier to get in and out.

Toomey Leasing Group is one of the main suppliers of wheelchair accessible contract hire agreements in the UK.

The specialist requirements are met by expert wheelchair accessible vehicle contract hire consultants and quality vehicle converters.  We boast:

  •  A wide range of vehicles
  • Low initial payments
  • Flexible rentals
  • Full maintenance options
  • Highest quality conversions

We work closely with care homes, community transport providers, charities and local authorities. We have a number of long standing relationships with the UK’s premier vehicle converters which enables us to offer bespoke solutions, ensuring that vehicle specifications fully match our customers’ requirements. We are happy to chat through your wheelchair accessible vehicle contract requirements to demonstrate how knowledgeable and competitive we are in this specialist field.

By combining manufacturers’ discounts with competitively priced conversions, we are able to offer wheelchair accessible vehicle contract hire packages to fit within specified budgets. We are not tied to any particular converter or manufacturer meaning we can offer a flexible, informed solution to meet the needs of all wheelchair accessible transport users.

If you have any further questions on what is a Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle Contract Hire contact us or call 0800 091 4252.