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Blended Fleet Solutions

A blended fleet solution can solve many common problems at a stroke:

  •  Reallocations
  •  Increasing Company Car Tax (CCT) issues
  •  Tax regime changes
  •  Expanding car list
  •  Weak manufacturer terms
  •  Early termination costs
  •  Employee resistance to car policy
  •  Administration
  •  Cash Allowance management
  •  Carbon emissions controls and reporting

Blended fleet solutions will also reduce costs and improve value for both you and employees.

If you have a mixture of mileage profiles in your fleet, then a single solution of Company Cars, Employee Car Ownership or Cash Allowance will most likely cost you more than a managed blended solution, without providing the equivalent value to employees.  This is before even taking into account different funding methodologies.

If you have any further questions on our Blended Fleet Solutions contact us or call 0800 091 4252