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Vehicle Whole Life cost analysis

Understand the true running cost of your car fleet with Toomey Leasing Vehicle Whole-life Cost Analysis

Toomey provides a full analysis of running costs for many of its clients. This area, known as Vehicle Whole-life Costs, allows companies to work out the true cost of creating and operating a company car fleet.

The idea of Vehicle Wholelife Costs is gaining ground in the fleet management sector, mainly because it allows companies to itemise their vehicle running costs to a high level of detail.

The concept allows a company to take into account all of the expensive factors over the period of the leasing agreement. This includes the acquisition price (note, not the P11D price), then factors in the level of depreciation, plus the servicing and maintenance costs, together with the cost of the current company car tax regime, and finally all the running costs, incorporating the likely fuel expenditure over the car lease.

For any company wanting to get a complete breakdown of what their fleet costs them, Wholelife Costs is the only route to take.

Toomey is happy to discuss how this way of calculating costs can bring a benefit to your company.  Simply call us on 0800 091 4252 or get in contact us