Toomey Leasing Group’s New Website – Tailored Fleet Funding Solutions & Personalised Local Account Management

The new website comes at an exciting time for Toomey Leasing, which over the past two years has seen significant growth following the restructuring of their sales team, and have implemented the provision of a ‘one-stop-shop’ style of account management. For their customers, this has resulted in streamlined support which focuses on ensuring that fleet management is not cumbersome, time consuming or costly.

Their new website combined with a talented and enthusiastic sales team and a clear vision for the future, means that Toomey Leasing is now set for a successful year ahead.

When asked about the thinking behind the new website, Alex Butcher, Toomey’s Leasing Sales Director said:

“We’ve worked hard over the past few years to ensure that our messaging reflects our key strengths at every contact point with our customers. The website is simply the last piece of the puzzle. The updated, responsive design means that we are also keeping up with online trends, which is important now that many of our customers access the Internet via a smartphone or tablet.”

He continued:

“The new website is a testament to the success of our business. The website will give us more reach, which will mean even more success for a growing business and industry.”

Toomey Leasing offer small to medium sized companies business contract hire fully maintained deals and a number of support services including Daily Vehicle Rental and Fleet Management. The most important aspect of the service offered by Toomey Leasing lies with the committed team of account managers who always go the extra mile for their customers.

For more information on Toomey’s fleet and vehicle leasing solutions, please visit:

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