Meet Regulatory Compliance Needs with Toomey Leasing’s Mileage Logging Solution

Keep accurate business and private mileage records for your business vehicle fleets with Toomey Leasing’s low-cost, compliant solution

All companies must keep mileage records to be able to demonstrate exactly how their vehicles are being used on a monthly basis, to ensure compliance with employment tax regulations.


HMRC aims to visit employers at least once every six years to carry out an employer compliance assurance visit, part of which involves a detailed inspection of company vehicle mileage logs. To ensure compliance it is critical that a mileage logging system is in place which captures data relating to journeys undertaken by all staff, regardless of whether the vehicles are funded by Toomey or if the driver is utilising a Cash Allowance scheme.

According to tax advisors Grant Thornton, mileage logging is in the top ten areas of potential risk for businesses with vehicle fleets and in many instances, those businesses can face six figure fines if their records are not acceptable or comprehensive enough.

Toomey Leasing Group’s mileage logging tool is a low cost, compliant solution with no set-up fee and a low monthly charge (per driver). Online mileage logging is quick and simple and can be carried out at the driver’s convenience, wherever there is internet access via an online portal. Records from and to all business related locations are recorded (and can include postcodes for accuracy), and the system allows for line manager approval of claims, monthly data reporting (including payroll file) and electronic fuel card spend.

This robust and effective solution will minimise the time required to manage your fleet and meet compliance requirements. Automatic reminders are sent to registered drivers (via email) and full administrative support is provided by Toomey’s friendly helpdesk staff. This minimises the administration time required from fleet managers and their supporting teams and ensures that following an inspection, the business is not facing a fine for non-compliance.

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