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Fuel Card

Fuel cards are essential for companies wishing to run efficient and cost effective vehicle fleets

Fuel cards reduce hours spent on administration and make it easier on the drivers’ own pockets.

The Toomey fuel card solution is one of the best. It takes the traditional Pay & Reclaim process, and allows the company to be pro-active in terms of cash flow, control of cost and VAT recovery.

What’s more, when you link the Toomey fuel card solution to a Mileage Recording System, you can still further reduce the administration costs of Business Mileage Expenses.

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As fuel costs have rocketed, many drivers are uncomfortable at having to in effect subsidise their company until they are allowed to claim back the costs at the month end. Provide them with a fuel card however and the responsibility is lifted from their shoulders.

Although the market for fuel cards has developed dramatically over the last few years, with more players than ever before, you need to ensure that you have chosen your supplier with care and one that is right for your business.

Toomey has a leading approach to helping you with all elements of your Fleet Policy and the provision of fuel cards is a vital part of what we offer. Every fleet of vehicles is unique, so we ensure that we provide you with a unique solution for your requirements.

We ask key questions that allow us to provide you with a tailor made solution to your fleet needs. For example, do your drivers tend to use A roads, or motorways; are they operating locally to you, or further afield; and, is your requirement both for commercial and non-commercial vehicles, or just one of those? All these factors are analysed by Toomey and the best solution prepared.

So, whether you have a fuel card system in operation, or whether you are thinking about it for the first time, give Toomey a call now and let us see if we can help you create a solution specifically geared for your business.

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