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    Toomey risk management

    Drive Safety Home with our uniquely integrated and fixed price risk management solution.

    This important fleet function can now be supplied seamlessly alongside our other services and is designed to reduce frequency and cost of claims as well as to satisfy our clients’ legal responsibilities as far as Duty of Care is concerned.

    For a small monthly charge per driver per month, the Toomey Risk Management service comprises the following services:

    1. Licence checking
    2. Online driver risk assessments
    3. Full accident management (including uninsured loss recovery)
    4. Driver training (online and in-vehicle)

    Additionally the service can be extended to provide:

    1. Cover for all drivers on the client’s fleet
    2. Advice on creating and implementing a driver safety policy
    3. A grey fleet monitoring and control service
    4. A Telematics and Camera monitoring service
    5. A driving-feedback vehicle sticker scheme

    Additional features include management reports, access to a driver portal and automatic risk alerts

    Benefits of Toomey Risk Management

    1. Simplicity of a single supply solution
    2. More internal time saved by drivers and fleet admin staff
    3. Increased convenience of accessing broader expertise via one supplier
    4. Better consistency of approach across all driver and risk types
    5. More predictable future risk projections
    6. Increased accuracy in identifying high risk drivers
    7. Better accountability for success and failure
    8. Increased visibility of results via reviews and reports
    9. More certainty that high risks will be identified and actioned

    Implementation is very straightforward so click here for more information, to request a quotation or to register your drivers.

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