Vehicle Cash Allowance Optimisation

Tax Efficient Cash Allowance Schemes

As part of a mixed-fleet solution, or as a stand-alone car benefit, the cash allowance can still represent good value for some employees, and it needn’t be a risk or burden to the employer, especially where employees are unable or unwilling to take a Company Car or ECO alternative.

More importantly perhaps from a business perspective, optimising the tax efficiency of a cash allowance scheme, by fully utilising AMAPs, can deliver real savings.

Optimisation can even give employees the equivalent of year-end mileage allowance relief (MAR) in their pay without them having to make a tax return, whilst still delivering bottom line savings for the business.

To support such a scheme we can offer:

  • Mileage Logging
  • Monthly AMAP Reconciliation
  • Monthly Payroll Reporting
  • Fuel Card Data Management

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