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Mileage Capture

Online Vehicle Mileage Capture

Our online vehicle mileage capture logging function allows drivers to record their monthly business mileage online and create an auditable record of their mileage history, for both reimbursement purposes and HM Revenue & Customs compliance. Online mileage logging is quick and simple, and can be carried out at the driver’s convenience anywhere there is an internet connection. It can even be accessed via a growing number of mobile devices.

Mileage Log submissions are used to calculate the appropriate AMAPs for drivers on ECO or Net Cash schemes (such as Opticash), and the relevant data transmitted to the employers’ payroll team in the most suitable format. The whole online mileage logging process is fully supported by our helpdesk staff.

Mileage Logs are submitted to line managers or designated personnel, and we can include driver checks and certification for roadworthiness and other Occupational Road Risk measures in line with your corporate objectives.

Carbon Footprint data can be derived from a combination of the mileage logs and fuel data (where applicable), and are available as a graphical measurement against government benchmarks for employees, and in formal report format for the business.

If you any further questions on Mileage capture contact us or call 0800 091 4252