Expert Business Car Leasing Schemes from the Toomey Leasing Group

Toomey Leasing Group is a leading UK business car leasing company and has been providing vehicles to businesses for over 40 years.  The typical Toomey Leasing customer is a business looking for a business contract hire fully maintained agreement, running a fleet of between five and 100+ vehicles, varying from standard company cars, to commercial vehicles (including specialist re-fits), to wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Toomey is a specialist in the provision of the business company car contract hire and leasing services for SMEs.

Our customers value the company’s physical presence throughout England (headquarters are in Derby and are supported by four regional offices). We have a one-stop approach to fleet management which includes Daily RentalMileage Logging, and Employee Car Ownership Schemes; in fact everything a business requires to run a vehicle fleet.

Why Business Car Leasing

Expert Business Car Leasing Company Schemes from the Toomey Leasing Group

Business leasing is a cost-effective solution which enables companies to build a business fleet without the financial burdens typically associated with owning a vehicle. Vehicle leasing simply involves choosing a suitable vehicle, agreeing a fixed monthly rental fee, paying a deposit and signing a vehicle agreement.  Business contract hire gives companies the freedom to liberate cash flow and take control of their monthly spending. Leasing a company fleet provides you with access to a wide range of modern eco-friendly vehicles that can be updated on a regular basis to ensure you take advantage of all the benefits business vehicle contract hire offers.

Cost Savings

When you lease a vehicle through business contract hire, there are no major cost commitments to pay up front. Low monthly payments enable you to manage your budget and release cash flow.  With a fully-managed maintenance agreement built into your contract, there will be no surprise costs to conjure up should the vehicle malfunction. Regular servicing and routine maintenance are carried out at no extra cost and you don’t have to concern yourself with MOT certificates or value depreciation.

Tax Benefits

Business contract hire provides companies with tax benefits on a number of levels. Firstly, VAT registered companies can claim part or all of your monthly lease agreement back as a business expense.  Secondly, Toomey Leasing Group provides you with the latest eco-friendly vehicles in order to reduce CO2 vehicle emissions. This enables you to keep Vehicle Excise Duty to a minimum and project a positive public perception for your company.   Thirdly, because there is no obligation to record vehicles that are subject to business contract hire on your balance sheet, monthly leasing payments are treated as an expense which can be off set against company profits.

Our Business Leasing Services


    Competitive Daily rental & Short Term Hire

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    Online Vehicle Mileage Capture

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    Busy drivers need the confidence service 24/7

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    Drive Safety Home with our unique solution

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    Fuel cards are essential for cost effective fleets

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    We can make it easier from as little as £5* per month

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Driver Services

  • Driver Services

    Toomey Online Service Booking

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  • Kwik Fit Tyre Services

    This service allows registered fleet users to book tyre inspections and order tyres.

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  • Fleet Services

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  • TLG Driver Accessories

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What our customers says

“At KraussMaffei Group UK Limited, we have been using Toomey Leasing Group for several years for our company car fleet.Since we first met Paul Nash; we felt a positive and reassuring vibe, that we would be taken care of and supported no matter what. This is very important for us at we only have a fleet of 35 – 40 cars.When previously dealing with “multi-national” leasing companies, we never saw anybody from the lease company, all transactions were via computer. We like the personal touch Paul has offered over the years, and on the odd occasion there has been a problem Paul has always been on hand to get it resolved quickly.All the staff at Toomey Leasing that we have had contact with over the years have been most supportive which allows us to get on with our own business and not worry about our fleet.I would absolutely recommend Toomey Leasing.”.
Mike Bate, Managing Director
KraussMaffei Group UK Limited


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