Investment Increase in Company Vehicles for UK SME

Market conditions are set to remain favourable for independent vehicle fleet and leasing solutions provider, Toomey Leasing Group and the fleet management industry as a whole, according to recent research. The bi-annual Business in Britain report surveys 1,500 SME decision makers from across the UK to establish where investments are likely to be made in the subsequent six-month period.

Out of the 1,500 SME decision makers, 9% stated that they were looking to buy or lease a company vehicle before the end of the year which is up from a reported 8% in January 2015.

The increased investment demonstrates that companies are attributing wider benefits to company vehicle investment, such as reducing CO2 emissions, operating more fuel efficient fleets and maintaining a professional company image.

At an exciting time for Toomey Leasing Group following the launch of a new website and a great first half to 2015, the bi-annual Business in Britain research gives an indication that the remainder of the year is also set to be strong. This will enable Toomey Leasing to gain further market share by focusing on providing tailored account management to SMEs on a local level – an approach that has set them apart from other key players in the industry.

Alex Butcher, Sales Director for Toomey Leasing Group has commented that:

“The Business in Britain research is a great indicator to the way in which the vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions market is likely to go over the next six months. Companies who operate fleets now realise that there is the potential to reduce costs via tailored fleet management.

Toomey Leasing offer tailored fleet solutions that enable businesses to utilise available capital to expand, as well as making savings in terms of emissions. Effective fleet management really can be a ‘win win’ for astute, perceptive business owners and managers and it’s great that this is now being realised.”

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