Sure-fire Business Vehicle Cost Reductions

At Toomey Leasing, we offer cost-effective SME focused fleet funding solutions that will save your business money.

Here are just some of the benefits of Leasing your vehicles with with Toomey Leasing.

Maintenance, Repair, and Service Costs are Covered
When you own your fleet you pay for everything on top, costs that can mount up considerably as your vehicles age. Our business contract hire fully maintained include repairs, servicing, MOTs, new tyres, road tax – the lot.

Your Initial Outlay Will Be Smaller
Lease vehicles typically require a smaller deposit and monthly lease payments are on average between 35% and 55% cheaper than repayments on a car loan.

Benefit From Greater Fuel Economy
Fleet leases are arranged on shorter contract periods meaning new vehicles more regularly, with all the added benefits of better performance and less fuel consumption.

Pay Less Tax!
100% of VAT on leased vehicles is avoidable provided they are used solely for business. Even with personal travel, 50% of VAT is still avoidable on the finance element of the monthly rental and 100% on the service element. The monthly payment can also be offset against taxable profits, thereby reducing the overall tax payable.

And in addition to these benefits for all, Toomey will boost your savings even more with value-added services such as:

  • Contract amendments
  • Fixed costs for the duration of your contract
  • Formal Extensions
  • Driver Contact Centre
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Solutions tailored especially to your business requirements

If you are in the market for Business Contract Hire why not get in touch with Toomey on0800 091 4252 or visit today.

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