Toomey Risk Management from only £4.99 Per Driver Per Month

Every company has the responsibility to ensure company car drivers are insured, safe and are aware of dangers while out on the road.

For a small monthly charge per driver per month, the Toomey Risk Management service represents an opportunity for businesses with fleets to outsource all activities associated with driving risk.

Our service will take care of your legal responsibility.  It will also help control your accident and insurance related costs while protecting your drives and your business reputation.

Our Services Include:

License Checking

Online Driver Assessments

Accident Management

Driver Training

 The Benefits of Toomey Risk Management

  1. Simplicity of a single supply solution

  2. More internal time saved by drivers and fleet admin staff

  3. Increased convenience of accessing broader expertise via one supplier

  4. Better consistency of approach across all driver and risk types

  5. More predictable future risk projections

  6. Increased accuracy in identifying high risk drivers

  7. Better accountability for success and failure

  8. Increased visibility of results via reviews and reports

  9. More certainty that high risks will be identified and actioned

Implementation is very straightforward so click here for find out more or call 0800 091 4252 for more information, to request a quotation or to register your drivers.

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