Worried Brexit will increase your Fleet Costs?

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, those working in fleet management agree that fleet managers are going to need to look for innovative ways to reduce fleet costs – and this is where Toomey Leasing can help!

In a recent poll by Fleet News, 64% of fleet managers believe that their costs are likely to rise following the vote. By how much and when is still unknown as it will depend on the deals that Britain can negotiate with other EU countries, and if Britain can keep access to the single market for goods and services.

At least in the short-term, experts predict that fuel costs are likely to rise along with the cost of new vehicles, parts and maintenance. It is now every Fleet Manager’s responsibility to look at their entire fleet of vehicles and take steps to save money.

Vehicle leasing may save your business money and Toomey Leasing is a leading UK leasing company providing business contract hire fully maintained deals for small to medium sized companies.

Call us on 01332 205828 today to discuss how Toomey Leasing can help you to save money or visit https://toomeylease.com

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